Handbook of Statistics : Section-'A'


Table-03 : All India Land Use Classification  
 SL Classification1996-1997
 Million Hectares
IGeographical Area328.73
IIReporting Area for Land Utilisation Statistics (1 to 5)  
1.Forests68.75 (22.50)
2.Not Available for Cultivation (A+B)
(A) Area under non-agricultural uses22.45 (7.40)
(B) Barren and un-culturable land19.09 (6.30)
3.Other Uncultivated Land Excluding Fallow Land (A+B+C)  
(A) Permanent pasture and other grazing land11.04 (3.60)
(B) Land under misc. Tree Crops and Grooves not included in Net Area Sown 3.57 (1.20)
(C) Culturable Waste Land13.94 (4.60)
4.Fallow Lands (A+B)
(A) Fallow Land other than Current Fallow9.89 (3.20)
(B) Current Fallows13.33 (4.40)
5.Net Area Sown (6-7)142.82 (46.80)
6.Total Cropped Area (Gross Cropped Area)189.54
7.Area Sown more than once46.72
8.Cropping Intensity132.70
IIINet Irrigated Area55.14
IVGross Irrigated Area73.28


(P)-Provisional. Figures in the parentheses represent % to the reported area.

Source:Agricultural Statistics at a Glance-2000, Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture,
Govt. of India, New-Delhi, April-2000.