Rice Productivity Analysis in India

State-wise Analysis of Rice Productivity   

This chapter focuses on the analysis of state-wise rice productivity. Number of districts growing rice in every State/Union Territory have been taken together and then classified/divided as per different productivity groups for the purpose of productivity analysis at State level. Three years area and production, that is, 1998-99 to 2000-2001 of individual district as per productivity group have been pooled together to arrive at triennium average of area and production of rice and then triennium average production has been divided by triennium average area to get triennium average productivity. Triennium average productivity thus worked out has been used for the productivity analysis in this chapter.

Analysis of individual states have been organized under the following links :


ZonesStates/Union Territories
SouthernAndhra Pradesh | A&N Islands | Karnataka | Kerala | Tamil Nadu | Pondicherry 
NorthernHaryana | Himachal Pradesh | Jammu & Kashmir | Punjab | Uttranchal
WesternGoa | Gujrat | Maharashtra | Rajasthan
EasternBihar | Jharkhand | Madhya Pradesh | Chhattisgarh | Orissa | Uttar Pradesh | West Bengal 
North-Eastern Assam | Arunachal Pradesh | Manipur | Meghalaya | Mizoram | Nagaland | Sikkim | Tripura