Rice Productivity Analysis in India

This publication was brought out by the Directorate of Rice Development, Patna on 10th Sep'2002. The objective is to present an analysis of the productivity of rice in different rice growing eco-systems. This was necessary as the efforts to improve productivity have been going on for quite some time now through various development programmes. One of the major programme in this direction was distribution of Seed Mini-Kits of latest developed high-yielding rice varieties to the cultivators through concerned State Dept. of Agriculture.  

This publication highlights the efforts to analyze the productivity of rice at state and district levels. The exercise also includes attempts at identifying possible reasons for low productivity in different rice growing zones. Suggestions have also been made to overcome the constraints of low productivity to the possible extent.

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Compiled Contents   

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2.Classification of Productivity Groups
3.Regional Variations of Rice Productivity 
4.State-wise Analysis of Rice Productivity
5.District-wise Analysis of Rice Productivity 
6.Reasons for Low Productivity
7.Suggestions for Improving Rice Productivity

Table-1 : Triennium Average (1998-99 to 2000-01) of Area, Production and Productivity along with number of districts under different productivity groups.
Table-2 : State-wise Number of Districts based on various productivity groups during Triennium ending 2000-01.
Table-3 : Regional variations of rice productivity during Triennium ending 2000-01.
Annexure-I : Area, Production and Productivity of rice under five productivity groups in various States/UTs during Triennium ending 2000-01.
Annexure-II : State-wise Number of Districts as per Productivity Status.