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 These are the rice varieties along with their salient features across the states in India -


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SLName of VarietyParentageYear of
(in days)
Eco-SystemSalient FeaturesRecommended for Cultivation
1.Taichung-65Kameji x Shinriki1969130-135NASemi-dwarf, grains-coarse and glutinousKarnataka
2.Taichung Native-1Dwarf Chow-wu-gen x Tsai-Yuan-Chunj1969-74120-125NADwarf (70-75 cm), grains: short bold, moderately resistant to blast, susceptible to BLB, RTV, GM, SB and moderately susceptible to SB.Punjab
T(N)1 x T-1411969-78130IrrigatedDwarf (82 cm), grains: long bold, AWP, white, moderately susceptible to BLB, SB, RTV, GM and resistant to blast, Yield: 50-60 Q/ha.All India
gen x Peta
Dwarf (80-85 cm), grains: long bold, AWP, white, moderately resistant to blast, GLH, moderately susceptible to RTV and susceptible to GM, Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa, Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
5.Jhona-349NA1969-78126Alkaline SoilTall, grains: long bold, white, coarse, Yield: 35-40 Q/ha.Haryana
6.NP-130NA1969120NATall (121 cm), grains: fine of fawn colour, Yield: 15 Q/ha.Delhi Areas
7.ManoharsaliLati sali x Guachari1969145NATall (138 cm), grains: long bold, moderately resistant to blast, moderately susceptible to BLB and resistant to GM.Assam
8.Annapurna-28Taichung (Native 1) x PTB-101971100-105Wet LandsDwarf, grains: red, susceptible to blast, Yield: 30-40 Q/ha.Kerala
9.Rohini (PTB-36)PTB 10 x IR-8197375-110Kole AreasGrains: long bold, white, resistant to blast, Yield: 20 Q/ha.Kerala
10.Aswathi (PTB-37)PTB 10 x Dee-gee-woo-gen1973117Kole AreasGrains: long bold, white, moderately resistant to GM, moderately susceptible to BLB and BPH, Yield: 50 Q/ha.Kerala
11.Triveni (PTB-38)Annapoorna x PTB-151973-8295-110Rainfed Upland or Coastal SalineDwarf, grains: short bold, AWP, white, moderately resistant to blast, Yield: 60 Q/ha.Kerala and Pondicherry
12.Basmati-370NA1973-76150IrrigatedTall (140-150 cm), grains: LS & AWA, Yield: 22 Q/ha.Haryana
13.Palman-579Introduction from IRRI1973-78130Late PlantingGrains: LS, white.Punjab
14.HamsaHR-12 x T(N) 11974124Deccan PlateauGrains: LS, cold tolerant and moderately resistant to SB.Andhra Pradesh
15.IR-20 (IR-532-E-576)IR262 x TKM-61974-78135Coastal AreasSemi dwarf (100-110 cm), grains-MS, moderately resistant to BLB, GLH, RTV and SB, Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Eastern Coastal.
16.Cauvery (IET-355)T(N)1 x TKM-61974-78102-108Rainfed Upland or IrrigatedDwarf (86 cm), grains: short bold, AWP, resistant to BLS, moderately resistant to SB, susceptible to blast, BLB, TV, GM and GPH, Yield: 35-50 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
17.Karishma (CR-1-6)GEB-24 x T(N)11974125-130Rainfed (Late showing)Grains: MS, very high head recovery, resistant to blast, leaf spot and SB, Yield: 40 Q/ha.Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, parts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat.
TKM-6 x IR-81974-78130-135Upland and direct seededDwarf (85-90 cm), grains: LS, AWA, moderately resistant to blast, LH and tolerant to SB, Yield: 45-50 Q/ha.Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Tarai region of UP, Punjab, Haryana and Tamil Nadu.
19.Saket-4 (IET-1410)TKM-6 x IR-81974-78110-120Upland Irrigated or RainfedDwarf (85-90 cm), grains: LS, white, resistant to lodging, moderately resistant to BLB, GLH and SB, Yield: 45-50 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir.
20.China-988Secondary selection from China-9881975-78135-140NASemi dwarf (100-110 cm), grains: coarse, good quality and high head recovery.Jammu & Kashmir.
NA1975125-130HillsGrains: short bold, white, moderately resistant to blast, resistant to GB & SB, Helminthosporium, Yield: 30 Q/ha.Himachal Pradesh.
NA1975125-130HillsGrains: short bold, white, susceptible to blast, resistant to GB, SB and Helminthosporium, Yield: 30 Q/ha.Himachal Pradesh.
23.T-23Selection from Kala Sukhdas1975150Upland IrrigatedTall, grains: LS, slightly scented, Yield: 30-35 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.
24.Madhu (MR-136) (IET-2665)T(N)1 x TKM-61975130-135NADwarf (80-85 cm), grains: MS, resistant to blast, SB & BLB, Yield: 50 Q/ha.Karnataka.
25.Jagannath (BSS-873)Mutant of T-1411975-76140-160Coastal AreasSemi Dwarf (90-110 cm), grains: MS, resistant to lodging, blast & SB, Yield: 40-50 Q/ha.Coastal region of Andhra Pradesh.
26.Tella Hamsa HR-12 x T(N)11975110-115Irrigated AreasGrains: LS, Cold tolerant, moderately susceptible to blast and moderately resistant to SB.Andhra Pradesh.
27.ORS-11T-141 x IR-8-2461975130-135Rainfed Coastal SalineDwarf (80 cm), grains: long bold, moderately resistant to BLB,  blast & GLH, susceptible to SB & GM.Orissa.
T-90 x IR-81975130-135Coastal SalineDwarf (80 cm), grains: short bold, moderately resistant to blast,  BLB & GLH, susceptible to SB & GM.Orissa.
T-90 x IR-81975120-125Coastal AreasDwarf (80 cm), grains: MS.Orissa.
30.HM-95Jhona 349 x T(N)11975103Irrigated Medium EarlyGrains: LS, 50% flowering after 73 days.Punjab.
31.BR-34Pure line selection from Dolangi rice1975-85NAShallow RainfedTall (130-140 cm), grains: MS, white, resistant to BB & SB and tolerant to drought, Yield: 25-30 Q/ha.Bihar.
32.GUAR-10Zinnia-31 x IR-9-601976120Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: LS, susceptible to blast, Yield: 50-52 Q/ha.Gujrat.
33.GUAR-11Zinnia-31 x IR-8-2461976125Irrigated MediumGrains: MS, moderately resistant to blast.Gujrat.
34.GUAR-100Zinnia 31 x IR-8-2461976130Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf (110 cm), grains: MS, susceptible to blast, Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Gujrat.
35.Safri-17Pure line selection from Safari1976140-145Rainfed Shallow LandSusceptible to blast, Yield: 35 Q/ha.Madhya Pradesh.
36.Lalloo-14NA197695-100Rainfed UplandTall (145-150 cm), grains: MS, red, Yield: 60-65 Q/ha.Madhya Pradesh.
IR-8 x ADT-271976NAIrrigated EarlyDwarf, short statured, grains: short bold, AWA, white, Yield: 60-65 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu.
38.AnnapoornaPTB-20 x IR-81976-82110-115NADwarf (70-75 cm), grains: MS, red, Yield: 35 Q/ha.Karnataka.
39.JyothiPTB-10 x IR-81977115-120Wetland AreasDwarf, grains: long bold, red, resistant to blast, moderately susceptible to BPH, Yield: 28 Q/ha.Kerala.
40.Rasi (IET-1444)T(N)1 x Co.291978-82120-125Rain fed Upland AreasSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: MB, white, AWA, resistant to blast, moderately resistant to RTV, Yield: 56 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and UP.
41.PR-106(IR-8 x Peta 5) x Bella Patna1978138Irrigated MediumGrains: LS, susceptible to BPH & GM.Punjab.
42.ArchanaIR-8 x Tadukan1978125-130Upland AreasSemi Dwarf (95-100 cm), grains: LS, resistant to SB & BPH, tolerant to BLB and blast, Yield: 37-48 Q/ha.Bihar.
43.Barkat (K-78-13)Shine-ei x Ch-9711978135-145Cold High AltitudeSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: short bold, AWA, moderately susceptible to blast, Yield: 47 Q/ha.Jammu & Kashmir.
44.Bharthi (PTB-41)PTB-10 x IR-81978120-125Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf (85-95 cm), grains: long bold, red, Yield: 30 Q/ha.Kerala.
45.Bhavani (CO-63)Peta x BPI-761978125-135Irrigated MediumSemi tall, grains: long bold, AWP, moderately resistant to blast, BLB, moderately susceptible to BPH.Tamil Nadu.
46.BR-8Pure line selection from Kessore rice1978135Mid Low-landTall (150-155 cm), grains: long bold, resistant to major pests and diseases, Yield: 28 Q/ha.Bihar.
47.Chakia-59Selection from local variety of Chakia village1978150-160Water-logged AreasTall (135 cm), grains: short bold, white, AWP, Yield: 25-30 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
48.China-972A secondary selection from China-9721978140-145NASemi dwarf (95-105 cm), grains: coarse, good cooking quality, more head recovery.Jammu & Kashmir.
49.China-1007A secondary selection from China-10071978140-145NASemi dwarf (100-110 cm), grains: coarse, good cooking quality.Jammu & Kashmir.

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