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 These are the rice varieties along with their salient features across the states in India -


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SLName of VarietyParentageYear of
(in days)
Eco-SystemSalient FeaturesRecommended for Cultivation
50.China-1039A secondary selection from China-10391978130-140NATall (115-120 cm), grains: coarse, white, high head recovery.Jammu & Kashmir.
51.CNM-25A mutant of
1978103 (Kharif), 148 (Boro)Lateratic and Alluvial TractsDwarf (81 cm), grains: long bold, AWP, moderately resistant to blast & SB, susceptible to RTV, BLB, Yield: 40-43 Q/ha for kharif and 58-60 Q/ha for boro.West Bengal.
52.CNM-31A mutant of
1978135 (Kharif), 155 (Boro)Medium Lands in Alluvial TractsSemi dwarf (97 cm), grains: LS, golden, moderately resistant to BLB & blast, resistant to BS, susceptible to RTV & SB, Yield: 44-46 Q/ha.West Bengal.
53.Co 37
T(N)1 x Co.291978-82115NADwarf (90 cm), grains: white, Yield: 60 Q/ha.Pondicherry.
54.CR-126-42-1 (IET-2969)Dhurighansali x IR-8197895-125Uplands Alluvial LateriteDwarf, grains: MS, susceptible to blast and BLB, moderately susceptible to GM and moderately resistant to SB, Yield: 35-37 Q/ha.West Bengal.
55.Cross-116Bondu x Parewa1978150NATall (126 cm), grains: short bold, AWP, white, resistant to blast, susceptible to BLS, moderately resistant to Helminthosporium, Yield: 35 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
56.Gautami (MTU-8002)IR-8 x SLO 131978138Coastal AreasDwarf, grains: short bold, resistant to blast, moderately susceptible to BLB and SB, Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh.
57.GR-3Nawagaon 19 x IR 9-601978100-105Direct and TransplantationDwarf (90 cm), grains: LS, moderately resistant to blast.Gujrat.
58.GR-11Zinnia 31 x IR-8-2461978125-130Irrigated MediumSemi Dwarf (112 cm), grains: MS, fine.Gujrat.
59.IET-849 (C-8585)T(N)1 x Co.291978108-110Upland, Tarai Alluvial and Laterite TractShort statured, grains: MS, white, moderately resistant to blast, SB and Helminthosporium, Yield: 24-30 Q/ha.West Bengal.
60.IET-1136 (IR-644-RP-28)IR-8/2 x (B589A-4-18)/2 x T(N)11978130-145Medium, Coastal and LateriticShort statured, grains: long bold, good cooking quality, moderately resistant to BLB, moderately susceptible to SB, Yield: 48-51 Q/ha.West Bengal.
61.Giza-14Selection of Giza-41978140-150Hill Rice IrrigatedSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: short bold, coarse, good cooking quality.Jammu & Kashmir.
62.IET-2233Bella Patna x IR-81978110-165Alluvial and Tarai RegionSemi dwarf, grains: long bold, white, tolerant to drought and susceptible to RTV, Yield: 40-50 Q/ha.West Bengal.
63.IR-22IR-8 x Tadukan1978120NAGrains: MS, moderately resistant to blast, Yield: 50 Q/ha.West Bengal.
64.IR-579IR-8 x Tadukan1978130High AltitudeGrains: LS, resistant to blast, BLB and SBHimachal Pradesh.
65.Jalmagan (DW-6167)A selection from Barho1978160Flood Prone AreasTall (150-400 cm), grains: short bold, dull white, Yield: 30-35 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
66.KalimpongA selection from Taiwan, Formosa1978120-125
NAGrains: bold, white, moderately resistant to blast, BLB and Helminthosporium, susceptible to SR, Yield: 46-50 Q/ha.West Bengal.
67.Kothamala Golukulu-72 (NLR-9672)Bulk H.9 x Milek Kunning1978-82160-170Rainfed ShallowMedium tall, grains: short bold, resistant to blast, Yield: 58 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka.
68.Kothamala Golukulu-74Bulk H.9 x Milek Kunning1978165-170Rainfed ShallowGrains: short bold, resistant to blast.Andhra Pradesh.
A selection from Rajbhog197885-102NATall, grains: short bold, white, susceptible to blast, BLB and resistant to drought, Yield: 20-25 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
70.NC-1281A selection from local material1978170-175Irrigated Alluvial SoilsTall (145-147 cm), grains: coarse, dull white, AWP and moderately resistant to Helminthosporium.West Bengal.
71.OC-1393A selection from local material1978NANATall (164-165 cm), grains: coarse, AWA, dull white, resistant to BB, blast, RTV and Helminthosporium.West Bengal.
72.Panidhan-1 (IR-442/3)Peta x T(N)1 x Leb Muey Nahng1978140-145Low-land AreasTall (115-120 cm), resistant to pest complexes, Yield: 30-35 Q/ha.Bihar.
73.PankajPeta x Tongkai Rotan1978150-155Low-land AreasSemi dwarf (110-120 cm), grains: long bold, white, moderately susceptible to BLB, SB and GM, moderately resistant to blast and RTV, Yield: 40-45 Q/ha.Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
74.Phalguna (IET-2911)IR-8 x Siam-291978145-150Coastal AreasDwarf (86-94 cm), grains: LS, AWA, resistant to GM, moderately resistant to blast and SB, moderately susceptible to BLB and RTV, Yield: 56 Q/ha.Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
75.PrabhatIR-8 x MTU-31978132Coastal AreasGrains: long bold, moderately susceptible to blast, BLB, GM and SB.Andhra Pradesh.
76.Prakash (IET-2254)T-90 x IR-81978145-150Irrigated MediumDwarf (85-88 cm), grains: LS, moderately resistant to blast, BLB, GLH, SB and moderately susceptible to RTV, Yield: 64 Q/ha.Karnataka.
(UPRI 71-72)
IR-747-B-26-3 x IR-579481978115-120Irrigated EarlyDwarf (90 cm), grains: LS, AWA, highly resistant to BLB, moderately resistant to blast and Helminthosporium, resistant to lodging, Yield: 56 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
78.Sabari (PTB-40)IR-8/2 x Annapurna1978130-135Irrigated MediumGrains: long bold, red, resistant to blast, moderately susceptible to BPH, Yield: 30 Q/ha.Kerala.
IR-8 x Siam-291978134Irrigated MediumGrains: LS, moderately susceptible to blast and SB, resistant to GM.Andhra Pradesh.
80.Tawi (PC-19)IR-8 x IR-127-2-21978130-135Hill Rice IrrigatedDwarf (83-85 cm), grains: long bold, moderately susceptible to BLB, moderately resistant to blast and SB, Yield: 45 Q/ha.Jammu & Kashmir.
81.Type-3A selection from Basmati of Dehradun1978125NATall, grains: LS, white, AWA, scented and very fine.Western Uttar Pradesh.
82.Type-21A selection from Chaul local1978110NATall, grains: long bold, white, preferred for chura and kheer, Yield: 35-40 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
83.Type-100A selection from Var. Bhanslot1978150Saline AreasTall, grains: short bold, white, AWP, Yield: 35 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
84.SitaIR-8 x IR-12178-2-21978130-135Medium Low-LandsSemi dwarf (95-105 cm), grains: LS, resistant to BLB, GM and SB, moderately resistant to GLH, Yield: 30-40 Q/ha.Bihar.
85.VasistaIR-8 x SLO-131978138Rainfed ShallowGrains: short bold, resistant to blast, moderately susceptible to BLB and SB.Andhra Pradesh.
86.Bhadra (MO-4)IR-8 x PTB-201980125-130Irrigated MediumDwarf (81 cm), red, grains: MB, Yield: 55 Q/ha.Kerala.
(MNP-36 x CR-12) x Pankaj1980145-150Rainfed Shallow LandSemi dwarf (100-110 cm), grains: long bold, moderately resistant to blast, BLB, SB and RLH, Yield: 20-24 Q/ha.West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Assam.
88.Sasya Sree
TKM-6 x IR-81980123-130Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: LS, AWA, white, moderately resistant to BLB and RTV, resistant to blast and  Helminthosporium, tolerant to SB, GLH and BPH.Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal.
89.PR-103IR-8 x IR-271982120-125Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: LS, susceptible to BPH and GM, resistant to blast and Helminthosporium.Punjab.
90.Sarjoo-52T(N)1 x Kashi1982130-133IrrigatedSemi dwarf (98 cm), erect, grains: long bold, AWP, white, moderately resistant to BLB, Yield: 50-60 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh.
91.TKM-9TKM-7 x IR-81982107-110Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf, grains: short bold, red, moderately resistant to BLB and BPH.Tamil Nadu.
92.IR-34Peta-3 x T(N)1 x Gamapai-15 x IR-8 x Tadukan x TKM-62 x T(N)1 x IR-24 x Oryza Nivara1982130-135Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: LS, Yield: 32-48 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu.
93.ADT-36Triveni x IR-201982107-120Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: MS, AWP, Yield: 16-38 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu.
94.Vytilla-2Pure line selection from Cheruvirippu1982128Saline AreasTall (154 cm), grains: MB, red, Yield: 17 Q/ha.Kerala.
95.Kayakulam-1Kottarakara-1 x Poduvi1982165-180Lateritic RegionTall (135 cm), grains: MB, red, Yield: 35-45 Q/ha.Kerala.
96.Kranti (R-2022)Cross-16 x IR-81982120Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf (130 cm), grains: short bold, AWP, Yield: 50 Q/ha.Madhya Pradesh.
Cross-4 x T(N)11982135-140Rainfed UplandsDwarf (90 cm), grains: long bold, AWP, resistant to blast and moderately susceptible to BLB, Yield: 55 Q/ha.Madhya Pradesh.
Jaya x Bangarathega1982135Tankfed AreasSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: LS, white, Yield: 47 Q/ha.Karnataka.

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