Basmati Rice in India : Its Export Potential

The leading aromatic fine quality rice in the world trade, popularly known as Basmati, is traditionally grown in the North and North-Western parts of India. Basmati rice has got good export potential but presently it faces stiff competition in the international market because the cost of production of Indian Basmati Rice is high as compared to other countries.

The Directorate of Rice Development, Patna has made attempt to compile various information regarding Basmati Rice and it is this compilation which is presented here. This is the first time the Directorate of Rice Development, Patna has compiled data on the Area, Production and Yield of Basmati Rice at the national level. The exercise is expected to be of use to scientists, planners, extension workers, trade industries, govt. organizations and other related agencies.


Exports at a Glance   

Compiled Contents   

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Traditional Area
Agronomic Feature of Basmati Rice
Export of Basmati Rice from India
Export Earnings
Ways to get more yield from Basmati Varieties