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 These are the rice varieties along with their salient features across the states in India -


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SLName of VarietyParentageYear of
(in days)
Eco-SystemSalient FeaturesRecommended for Cultivation
148.BK-79(TN-1 x NP-130) x Basmati-3701985125-130Irrigated EarlyDwarf (82-85 cm), resistant to LH and BLB; Yield: 40-50 Q/ha.Rajasthan
149.VL Dhan-16JP-5 x YRL-11985NAHill Rice UplandSemi dwarf, grains: red, highly resistant to, SB, leaf and neck blast, Yield: 40-45 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
150.VL Dhan-206Pure line selection from local type Bamni1985165Hill Rice UplandMedium tall, Grains: MS, tolerant to blast and SB, Yield: 20-25 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
151.AmbikaA selection of local Basmati1985110-115UplandsDwarf (80-85 cm), tolerant to drought, grains: LS, tolerant to blast, SB and Agarbatta, moderately resistant to lodging; Yield: 20-24 Q/ha.Maharashtra
152.Panvel-1IR-8 x Bhura Rata 4-101985125-130Coastal Saline AreaSemi dwarf (90-105 cm), grains: short bold, resistant to neck blast, moderately susceptible to BB; Yield: 40-43 Q/ha.Maharashtra
Late Kalpi 248 x IR-81985130-140Rainfed ShallowGrains: short bold, AWA, resistant to blast, moderately resistant to leaf & scald, highly resistant to major pests.Maharashtra
154.SKL-6Nagpur-27 x IR-81985115-120Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf (96 cm), grains: LS, resistant to blast & blight, moderately resistant to BLB & pests, Yield: 40-50 Q/ha.Maharashtra
155.Paduvai Ponni-1 (Py-1)Ponni x IR-81985130-135Rainfed ShallowGrains: MS, tolerant to RTV, Yield: 57 Q/ha.Pondicherry
Kannagi x Culture 2032198590-100Irrigated MediumDwarf, grains: MS, white, AWA,  tolerant to BPH & RTV; Yield: 47 Q/ha.Pondicherry
IR-24 x Cauvery1985EarlyIrrigated EarlyDwarf (88 cm), grains: LS, moderately resistant to BLB , tolerant to WBPH; Yield: 45-60 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
158.Birsa Dhan-101Fine Gora x IET-2832198585RainfedDwarf (72 cm), grains: medium, resistant to blast, BLB & SB ; Yield: 20-25 Q/ha.Bihar
159.SLR-51214Vijay x PTB-211985120-125Low Land and Saline Alkaline AreasDwarf (91 cm), moderately resistant to BLB, false smut, moderately resistant to pest complex; Yield: 45 Q/ha.Gujrat
Jaya x TKM-61985125-130NASemi dwarf (100 cm), grains: MS, tolerant to SB, horn caterpillar & rice skipper, resistant to BLB; Yield: 46 Q/ha.Gujrat
Mutant of Ambemohar local variety1985115-120Upland IrrigatedDwarf, grains: coarse and scented, tolerant to Iron chlorosis.Maharashtra
T(N)1 x WL-1121985136IrrigatedSemi dwarf (97 cm), grains: MS, moderately resistant to blast & BLB; Yield: 45-50 Q/ha.Maharashtra
163.Pusa-169IR-28 x Pusa 140-561986125Irrigated Wet-LandsDwarf (85-90cm), moderately resistant to major pests & diseases.Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and karnataka.
CR-94-1512-6 x Pusa 2-21198690Rainfed UplandDwarf (75-80 cm), grains: MB, white; Yield: 31 Q/ha.All India
165.ACK-5D-6-2-2 x IR-81986120-125NADwarf (60-65 cm), grains: short bold; Yield: 48 Q/ha.All India
T-90 x IR-8 x W-12631986NAIrrigated EarlyDwarf (75-80 cm), resistant to blast, BLS, GM, GLH, moderately resistant to BLB, blast and BPH.Orissa
IR-8 x Carivennpel1986115-118Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf, grains: short bold, red.Kerala
CR-129-118 x CR-57-49-21986120Medium LandsSemi dwarf (100 cm), grains: long bold, resistant to BPH, WBPH, GM, GLH, blast, root rot and  tolerent  to RTV; Yield: 48-55 Q/ha.Orissa
169.Ratnagiri-68-1IR-8 x Sigadis1986140-145Low Lying AreasSemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: long bold, resistant to blast & BLB; Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Maharashtra
170.Ratnagiri-73-1R-23-1 x K-87-2198695-100Irrigated EarlyDwarf (85-90), grains: long bold, resistant to blast;  Yield: 40-45 Q/ha.Maharashtra
CO-18 x Hema198695-105RainfedDwarf (80 cm), grains: MB, tolerant to drought; Yield: 30 Q/ha.All India
Rajeshwari x Vikaram1986135Irrigated MediumDwarf (80cm), grains: short slender, moderately drought tolerant; Yield: 25 Q/ha.All India
T-141 x IR-661-34-8
1986150Low LandsSemi dwarf, grains: LS, white, Yield: 41 Q/ha.All India
IR-8 x Latisail1986130Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: medium  bold, white, resistant to GLH & RTV; Yield: 50 Q/ha.All India
Vikram x PTB-2 (Ponnayan) RP-1125-1548-
1986135Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf, grains: long bold, white, resistant to GM, RTV & GLH; Yield: 50 Q/ha.All India
348-85-1 x Sona x Manoharsali
1986130Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf, grains: superfine, Yield: 30-35 Q/ha.All India
1562 (IET 7564) IRAT-8 x N-22
198690-95Rainfed or IrrigatedSemi dwarf (100 -105 cm), grains: LS; Yield: 35-41 Q/ha.All India
178.ASD-16ADT-31 x CO-391986115Saline SoilsDwarf (93 cm), grains: short bold, AWP, tolerant to salinity, moderately resistant to BPH & Sh.R; Yield: 56 Q/ha.All India
IET-2886 x Annapurna Red1986110Coastal AreasDwarf (91 cm), grains: long medium; Yield: 45 Q/ha.All India
Jaya x W-12631986135Irrigated AreasGrains: MS; Yield: 60 Q/ha.All India
181.BAM-6Pure line selection from Ratna Chudi1986160Rainfed Shallow Low-LandsGrains: short slender, tolerant  to GM, Helminthosporium & GLH; Yield: 35 Q/ha.Orissa
182.Jawahar Dhan-75IR-20 x Laloo-14 x NSJ25198780Drought Prone AreasDwarf, Ideal variety for drought prone areas, grain: white; Yield: 35 Q/ha.Madhya Pradesh
183.PR-108Selection from RP-825-24-71987140-145Irrigated MediumDwarf, grains: LS, Yield: 66 Q/ha.Punab
Selection of IRTP1987140Low-LandsSemi dwarf (95-100 cm), grains: coarse, Yield: 38-40 Q/ha.Gujrat
CR-63-5218-1 x Pankaj1987155Low-LandsSemi dwarf (105-110 cm), grains: coarse bold; Yield: 35-40 Q/ha.Gujrat
186.VajramSowbhagya x ARC-66501987150Wet-LandsSemi dwarf (100 cm), grains: MS; Yield: 60 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
187.PratibhaSowbhagya x ARC-66501987165Wet-LandsTall (115 cm), grains: LS, white; Yield: 65 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
188.PothanaIR-579 x WGL-127081987120-125Wet-LandsDwarf (80 cm), grains: LS, white; Yield: 50 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
IR-8 x Tadukan x TKM-62-TN x IR-24 O.nivara1987112-115Irrigated AreasDwarf (90 cm), grains: LS, white, moderately resistant to BLS, Helminthosporium, BLB, SB; resistant to blast and BPH, Yield: 50 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
190.Narendra-80N-22 x IR-361987110-112Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf  (100 cm), grains: LS, resistant to blast, RTV, Sh.B, SB , moderately resistant to leaf spot & GM; Yield:  50 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
IR-28 x Pusa-33-181987125Irrigated EarlySemi-dwarf (95-100 cm)All India
Pure line selection from Indica cultivar Boyan1987NALow LandsTall (150-160 cm), grains: LS; Yield: 40 Q/ha.West Bengal
193.Pant Dhan-6IR-8608-298-
3-1 x IR-10179-23
1987113-120Lower and Medium AltitudeTall (113-120 cm), grains: MS; Yield: 41 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
IR-26 x SML 40-10-41987NARainfed Low LandsTall (110-140 cm),  grains: MB, white; Yield: 40 Q/ha.West Bengal
195.IET-7191RP-5-32 x Pankaj1988NARainfed Shallow Low LandsDwarf (80-85 cm), grains: MS, Yield: 40-50 Q/ha.All India
196.PR-109Single line selection from IR-28224-66-
1988130-135Irrigated MediumShort statured, grains: LS; Yield:  65 Q/ha.All India

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