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 These are the rice varieties along with their salient features across the states in India -


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SLName of VarietyParentageYear of
(in days)
Eco-SystemSalient FeaturesRecommended for Cultivation
Jaya x BR-341989130-135Medium LandSemi dwarf (100110 cm), grains: long bold, resistant to BB, moderately resistant to SB & LH; Yield:  40-45 Q/ha.All India
247.ASD-17ADT-31 x Ratna x ASD-8 x IR-8198995-101Irrigated EarlySemi dwarf (96 cm), grains: short bold, red, moderately susceptible to GM, WBPH, moderately resistant to BPH; Yield: 54 Q/ha.All India
IR-8 x W-12631989120-125Irrigated MediumDwarf (92 cm), grains:  LS, highly resistant to GM, resistant to BPH, leaf blast, moderately resistant to WBPH, BS  & neck blast; Yield: 50 Q/ha.All India
CR-94-1512-6 x Pusa-2-211990120Medium LandSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: short bold, white, resistant to GM, RTV, GLH, tolerant to blast, moderately resistant to BPH & WBPH; Yield: 35-45 Q/ha.Orrisa, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Karnataka.
250.Ratnagiri-1IR-8 x Ratnagiri-241990115IrrigatedSemi dwarf (100-105 cm), grains: long bold, moderately resistant to blast, moderately susceptible to BLB; Yield: 47-50 Q/ha.All India
251.Ratnagiri-2Ratnagiri-68 x Varangal-4871990155Low LandsSemi dwarf (105-110 cm), grains: short bold, moderately resistant to blast; Yield: 50 Q/ha.All India
252.Karjat-1Holamaldiga/Z x IR-361990105-110Endemic Areas of BBDwarf (65-70 cm), grains: short bold,  resistant to BB, moderately resistant to blast & leaf spot; Yield: 35-55 Q/ha.All India
253.Panvel-2Bhura Rata 4-10 x IR-81990120Coastal Saline Soil of KonkanSemi dwarf (90 -105 cm), resistant to blast & tolerant to salinity; Yield: 33-41 Q/ha.All India
TN-1 x Basmati-3701990NAIrrigated AreasGrains: short slender, resistant to blast, leaf folder & WM, moderately susceptible to BLB and tolerant to BS, Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Maharashtra
Sona x SYE-44-31990130-135ScentedGrains: short slender, moderately resistant to blast & BLB; Yield: 50-55 Q/ha.Maharashtra
Sowbhagya x ARC-59841990150Low Lying AreasSemi dwarf, grains: MS, tolerant to BPH; Yield: 65 Q/ha.All India
Ratnagiri-24 x IET-32281990120-125Irrigated MediumGrains: short slender, resistant to blast & major pest; Yield: 35-40 Q/ha.All India
258.PawanaPusa-33 x IR-281990115-120Ghat and Sub-Mountain Zone of RahuriSemi dwarf, grains: LS, scented,  resistant to blast, moderately resistant to leaf scald, tolerant to major pests;  Yield: 35-40 Q/ha.All India
259.TernaLocal Selection1990NAMarathwada RegionGrains: LS, tolerant to blast and SB; Yield: 22-25 Q/ha.All India
CR-157-392 x OR-57-211991125-130Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf (90-95 cm), grains: LS, resistant to BLB, blast & GM; Yield: 40-44 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
WGL-23022 x Surekha1991125-130Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf, grains: LS, highly resistant to GM; Yield: 60-65 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
2-1 x IR-2061-465-
1991115-120Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf (100 cm), grains: LS, white, resistant to blast, BLB, RTV, BPH, GLH, WBPH & GM; Yield: 58 Q/ha.All India
Sona x Manoharsali1991145-150Rain fed Shallow Low LandSemi dwarf, grains: LS, resistant to BPH & blast; Yield: 65 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
M-63-83 x (RP-79-5 x Rikutonorin-21)1991100-105Rainfed UplandsGrains: long bold, resistant to blast, moderately resistant to BS, drought tolerant; Yield: 45 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
CR-44-35 x W-127081991145-150KharifSemi dwarf, grains: super fine, white, resistant to GM, moderately resistant to SB, blast & Sh.B; Yield: 55 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
Sona x Manoharsali1991140-145Telangana RegionSemi dwarf, grains: LS, resistant to BPH, blast & tolerant to GM; Yield: 65 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh
Damodar (CSRI) x IR-241991120-125Rain fed Irrigated AreasDwarf (80-85 cm), no major disease observed, tolerant to soil salinity; Yield:  35-45 Q/ha.Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal
268.Haryana Basmati-1
Sona x Basmati-3701991143Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf (116 cm), grains: LS, resistant to blast, WBPH, moderately resistant to SB and stem rot; Yield: 45 Q/ha.Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
269.VL Dhan-221
1-1-1 x Ch-1039
1991110-115Rainfed AreasDwarf (90-95 cm), grains:  medium, resistant to leaf & neck blast, moderately resistant to leaf scald & Sh.R, tolerant to pink stem borer & leaf folder; Yield: 25 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh
270.PMK-1CO-25 x ADT-311991110-115Rain fed Uplands and Semi-DryTall (110-120 cm), highly tolerant  to thrips & SB, moderately tolerant to blast & Helminthosporium; Yield: 32 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu
IR-8 x H-41991145-150Samba SeasonGrains: white, tolerant to BLB, BS, RTV, Sh.R, leaf roller & SB; Yield: 62 Q/ha.Pondicherry
272.TPS-1IR-8 x Kattisamba1991110-115Semi-dry or Wet SeasonSemi dwarf (105-110 cm), grains: short bold, AWP, tolerant to SB; Yield: 44-68 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu
273.CO-45R.Heenati x IR-340-3-267-11991125-155Irrigated Low LandsDwarf (75-80 cm), grains: LS, AWA, resistant to GLH, SB, blast, BLB, RTV & moderately resistant to Sh.R; Yield: 57 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry
CR-70-80-2 x Pankaj1992135-145Irrigated or Rain fedTall (110 cm), tolerant to all diseases & all major pests; Yield: 40-45 Q/ha.West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa
A mutant selection from Nonasail variety1992145Coastal Saline and Water Logged AreasTall (130 cm), grains: LS, white, no incidence of major diseases & pests; Yield: 45-50 Q/ha.Orissa
276.GR-5Selection from local material199295-100Rain fed UplandsTall (110-115 cm), grains: medium, white, tolerant to major diseases  & pests; Yield: 17-25 Q /ha.Gujrat
277.GR-103GR-11 x Mahsuri1992130-135Middle and South GujratDwarf (75-95 cm), grains: fine, white, resistant to blast , SB, WBPH & leaf folder; Yield: 50-60 Q/ha.Gujrat, Daman & Diu
278.AmbicaT(N)1 x Basmati-3701992140-145Irrigated Medium LandsTall (110-125 cm), grains: medium, resistant to blast , SB, moderately resistant to narrow brown spot, leaf folder & WBPH; Yield: 40-50 Q/ha.Gujrat
CRM-13-3241 x Kalinga-II1992110-120Medium Land, Flood Free AreasSemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: white, AWP; Yield: 30 Q/ha.Assam
IR-24 x CR-44-118-11992120-130Medium Land, Flood FreeSemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: white, AWA, resistant to grassy stunt virus, moderately resistant to BLB & Sh.B; Yield: 30 Q/ha.Assam
RP-31-49-2 x Patnai-231992145-150Rain fedSemi dwarf (115 cm), grains: white, AWA, resistant to leaf blast, tolerant to BLB & Sh.B; Yield: 40 Q/ha.Assam
282.Pusa NR-381
Tainan-3 mutant x Basmati-370199290-105Uplands Rain fed or IrrigatedSemi dwarf (100 cm), grains: LS, resistant to blast, Sh.R, GM, SB, LF, RH, WBPH, moderately resistant to RTV, brown spot & Sh.b; Yield: 55 Q/ha.Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal.
IET-4141 x CR 98-72161992130-135Irrigated Medium LandsSemi dwarf (95 cm), grains: long bold, resistant to BLB, moderately resistant to blast, SB & GM; Yield: 50 Q/ha.Assam, Goa and Pondicherry
284.Narendra Dhan-97N-22 x Ratna199290-95Rain fed UplandsDwarf (75-80 cm) , resistant to many diseases & moderately resistant to, BS & Sh.R; Yield: 25-30 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal
285.IntanIntroduction from Indonesia1992150-160Low Lands of Hilly AreasSemi dwarf (90-100 cm), grains: MS, moderately tolerant to insects & BS; Yield: 40-55 Q/ha.Karnataka and A&N Islands
ADT-31 x IR-501993EarlyIrrigatedSemi dwarf (90 cm), grains: slender, white, resistant to blast, moderately resistant to Sh.R, RTV, resistant to WBPH, BPH and moderately resistant to GM; Yield: 51 Q./ha.Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry
AC-2836 (CR-194-523) x Jagannath1993120-125Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf (82 cm), grains: LS, highly tolerant to cold stress, highly resistant to LB, neck infection, Sh.R, moderately resistant to BPH, WBPH & BS; Yield: 45 -58 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu
CO-31 x C-221993130-135Irrigated MediumTall (125 cm), grains: MS, white highly tolerant to drought, moderately resistant to GM, GLH, BPH, blast, BS & Sh.R; Yield: 55 Q/ha.Tamil Nadu
Annanda x CR-143-2-2199368-70Rain fed UplandsSemi dwarf (80-85 cm), grains: short bold, resistant to RTV, blast , susceptible to major diseases & pests; Yield: 35 Q/ha.Orissa
Jajati x Mehsuri1993155-160Shallow Low land and Semi-deep WaterTall (120-150 cm), grains: MS, resistant to blast, BLB, moderately resistant to Sh. B, BPH, & resistant to GLH; Yield: 40 Q/ha.Orissa
291.Pant Dhan-10
IR-32 x Mahsuri x IR-281993125Irrigated MediumSemi dwarf,  grains: LS, resistant to SB,  WM, WBPH, moderately resistant to BLB, Sh.B, & LB; Yield: 49-65 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
292.Pant Dhan-11
VL-206 x Dagi1993118-125Hill Rice IrrigatedSemi dwarf, grains: MS, resistant to LB, moderately resistant to BB, & BPH; Yield: 35-55 Q/ha.Uttar Pradesh
Amb-157 x IR-81993135-140Irrigated AreasSemi dwarf , grains: LS, scented, moderately susceptible to BLB & leaf scald, resistant to blast and major pests; Yield: 40- 45 Q/ha.Maharashtra
294.Birsa Gora-102Selection from Gora Rice199395-100UplandsTall, grains: MB, red, moderately resistant  to major diseases and pests, Yield: 18-20 Q/ha.Bihar

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